The IF-5000 Combo features all the latest
technology in a compact, portable device
using 4 channels for optimal treatment.


Designed to help with muscle re-education,
reduction of atrophy, muscle spasm, and
pain, the Flex-MT Plus is now a more
powerful, yet still portable device to
help patients recover.


Used in conjunction with most of EMSI
devices, Flex-Gar® is designed for flexibility.
Flex-Gar is breathable and comfortable to
wear. Learn More

Clinical strength in a portable unit. The Flex-IT®
is designed to provide long lasting relief to
acute and chronic pain patients. It promotes
deep tissue stimulation and helps reduce pain.

A proven pain reliever without the side effects,
the Flex-TENS® works on the Gate theory,
blocking pain signals going to the brain.

Designed to help patients recover and stay active,
the Pro-Fit line comfortably fits most sizes.
Learn more